Designing in the Browser: A Step-By-Step Guide to Web-Based Prototyping

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Designing in the Browser: A Step-By-Step Guide to Web-Based Prototyping

Craig Cecil
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Learn how to create, collaborate, review, and test interactive, accessible prototypes in the browser, using just HTML and a little dash of CSS. No JavaScript required.

Don't get left behind. Level up your design skills today.

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  1. Designing in the Browser

  2. Setting Goals for Your Design Tools

  3. Assembling an Effective Design Toolset

  4. Learning the Design in the Browser Workflow

  5. Creating Charts, Diagrams, and User Flows

  6. Starting Your Prototypes with Content—Tell the Story

  7. Creating Wireframes

  8. Creating Low-Fidelity Prototypes

  9. Creating High-Fidelity Prototypes

  10. Creating Multi-Lingual Prototypes

  11. Creating Accessible Prototypes

  12. Creating & Using Reusable Page Components

  13. Adding Data Persistence

  14. Adding Conditional Logic

  15. Adding Roles & States

  16. Adding Realistic Data

  17. Adding Annotations & Walkthroughs

  18. Enhancing Typography

  19. Prototyping with Color

  20. Adding Animation & Motion

  21. Handling Design Iterations & Version Control

  22. Collaborating on Prototypes

  23. Providing Design Documentation

  24. Testing Your Designs

  25. Publishing Your Designs & Gathering Feedback

  26. Putting It All Together

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Who Am I?

In short, the software engineer that designers love. Starting with a formal degree in Computer Science, I've focused on human-computer interaction for the past 25 years. I've been creating innovative web-based solutions for Fortune 500 companies and the federal government since 1994. So, I've been around--almost as long as the web itself. Now, let me take that expertise and guide you to new heights.

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An ebook in PDF, Mobi, and ePub formats.

166 pages
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